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September, 2012  
GNO Divas, Gods Network of Overcomers - A Divinely Inspired, Victoriously Anointed Sisterhood.  Impact 2012 Womens Conference.
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August, 2012  
Organo Gold Congratulates NFL Mom, Minister Felicia Young on Her 2012 M. Athalie Range Leadership Award: Helps to Launch Fundrasier Former Incarcerated Women - Yahoo! News

June 06, 2012  
NFL Moms

News article about NFL moms
Felicia Young

June 03, 2012  
Celebrity Sports Moms Tour Video

FYM Press with Beautifully Said Magazine. 

The Felecia Young Ministries─NFL mom, Felecia Young teaching God and love through her foundationPhoto credit courtesy of Felecia Young Felecia Young is a woman of God whose compassion and personable spirit resonates as soon as you began to speak with her. We initially spoke by phone regarding her organization, The Felecia Young ministries, where she passionately discussed her work to help those in the transitional stages of their lives to take their homes back, get their children back, and to become productive citizens in the community.The Felecia Young ministry has a plan to create a transitional home environment that will allow the residents to feel like people.  We really like this because we all go through trials and tribulations and no one should feel any less than what they were created to be.

While we were speaking with Ms. Young, it was evident that allowing God to use her to help others is one of her purposed assignments.  With such a warm personality, you almost feel like she is actually your “mom” and we can see that the residents of her transitional home will receive all of the love and support they need to get their lives back in order.At the time this issue went to press:  Felecia Yong, mom of NFL player, Vince Young, hosted her annual Mother’s Day Gala Celebration at Sugar Creek Country Club in Sugar Land, TX.  The event highlighted the tireless works for her foundation where a few people involved in her program spoke on how their lives have changed for the better.


The event included the following entertainment and guest;Poet, Se7en who
delivered a few selections of poetry with a charged energy that conveyed the
 sentiment of the moment at hand.


Shawn and Rhonda McClemore      Minister Yolanda Burroughs (photo not availableEvent Pictorial−Photo Credit: Kris Carter

The Felecia Young Ministry has…
I have resided at Gracewood Ministries transitional home for one complete year. “I was in a really bad place and in an environment of abuse.”  “I had to get out of that situation for the sake of my son; it was an emergency, where I had to go!”  Gracewood Ministries treated me like a person and not a number. I was able to receive support and they encouraged me to go back to school. The transitional home understood the need for some privacy as residents. They allowed you to be there and live in dignified surroundings. If you are in transition from an abusive relationship, drugs, or past mistakes, know  that there are places such as Gracewood that are there to help you. “I am no longer homeless and will be leaving Gracewood Ministries to live in my very own place. “I want to tell people that just as I can make it, you can too!”

Transitional home resident─Salathan speaking about how the Felecia Young Ministry has blessed her life
 “It is such a blessing and inspiration when a mother goes through something in life that she was able overcome and use that experience to help other women. “This is why we are raising funds for the Felecia Young Ministries.”  ─Vintrisa Young speaking on the fabric of what the Felecia Young ministry represents for the community 


“A Touchdown from Heaven is the humbleness that Felecia expresses because her past drug and domestic abuse has allowed her to be transparent to others through her life journey. She is able to bless so many people and catapult a cause that will continue to build strong and thriving relationships with the people she wholeheartedly wants to help!”        If you would like more information on the launch of the Felecia Young Ministries Transitional Living Home visit the foundation website at:  This is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer and donate to this wonderful organization that is really changing lives and working to make the surrounding communities of Texas a healthy place for us all. 

Beautifully Said Magazine with Vintrisa Young Fontenot, Felecia Young, and Lakesha Wynne Winters

June 01, 2012  
An interview with Felicia and Sportsmaverick on Mental & Spiritual Toughness. 


October 06, 2011 
The Blessing of Partnershipa - Diamonds and Pearls Gala 2011

As Felicia Young planned her ministry’s Fourth Annual Diamonds and Pearls Gala, she was searching for struggling single mothers that she could bless through the event.
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May 21, 2011 
Request for Prayer from Pastor Anil Kumar Addepalli
Khajipalem, India

Please keep remembering our ministry in your daily mighty prayers also we will be praying for your ministry
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April, 2011 - Teaching the Souls of People Everywhere

FYM was featured in April edition of Faith Based Journal.

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December 18, 2010 
16th Annual Toys for the Kids Holiday Party by Shelia Jackson Lee

FYM participates in Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee's 16th Annual Toy Drive by dropping off toys in advance of the big event.

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October 28, 2010 
Invitation from India

FYM receives letters from around the world.  Read this letter from a brother-in-Christ in India inviting the FYM to pray for India and its people to come to know Christ as their Savior.

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September 10, 2010 
Fox TV Interview of Vince Young

Laura Okmin interviewed Vince as part of the PROfiles series.

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June 27, 2010 
Accolades from the Gulf Coast Community Services Association

FYM received a wonderful letter of recognition from Leona Baker, the Operations Manager for Gulf Coast Community Services Association.
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May 29, 2010    Vince Young Celebrity Basketball Game

Vince Young was in the news after his impressing fans with his athletic skills in another sport:  basketball!  Vince played in his celebrity basketball game and ended the game with a dunk at the buzzer.

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May 25, 2010  An Invitation from Kenya

We received a communication from accross the world from Pastor Joshua Bosi.  He has been leading a bible study in a small village in Kenya, Africa, and they found the Felicia Young Ministry's website and have been following us for over 5 months.  They've invited us to visit their village.  We'll be keeping them in prayer!


May, 2010

In Response to prayer, we are seeing Christianity grow around the world, including Pakistan. That region is not secure when it comes to Christianity, it being predominantly a radically Muslim region. Men converts that work in the mills and factories are humiliated, tortured and killed and their surviving families end up widowed and orphaned because of their new found faith in Jesus Christ. Many women who have been divorced by their husbands because of converting to Christianity, flea to safety because their lives are in constant danger and threat from their Muslim husbands who threaten to kill them.



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