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Many Are Called but Few are Commissioned


April 17, 2010

Many words come to mind when you encounter Felicia Young – a mother of three, beautiful, kind, spiritual, passionate, blessed, humble and highly favored to name a few.  However, if I had one word to describe Felicia Young it would be commissioned.   Yes, she has many accomplishments. Her son is the popular former Madison High School, University of Texas – Austin standout and currently an American quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, of the National Football League.  Her daughters, Lakesha Winters and Vintrisa Fontenet, are happily married and have been a blessing to her soul.  Her mother, Bonnie king, is full of life and remains by her side as one of Ms. Young’s constant companion throughout her spiritual journey.  She has a non-for- profit organization but while some women are creating similar establishments to follow their passion and impact society, Ms. Young has been called and commissioned  by her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (God) to do this and so much more.

Felicia Young Ministries/Commissioned to Tell, Inc. is not just your average ministries.  Her themed scripture is; He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalms 91:1). Her mission is; A faith based ministry to meet the Charitable, Social and Educational needs of the Nations.  Not only is Ms. Young empowering the lives of women through resources and music but she is desperately seeking and saving lives through her testimony, faith and a message from God. “I asked the Lord what He would have me do after he delivered me?  The Spirit of the Lord said, every time you tell someone about where Jesus brought you from, I will save souls”.

Drugs, alcohol and adultery were just a few of the barriers Ms. Young had to overcome over 11 years ago on her personal journey of faith.  Most people spend a lifetime trying to fight off one of these demons once they encounter worldly pleasure.  Additionally, some people receive medical treatment or chose to support these habits because of their inability to let them go.  But, Ms. Young was delivered through her faith.

She was touched through the power in God’s words.  He used a servant leader to offer Ms. Young a message.  In a twinkling of an eye, just because she decided to believe the message God sent to her she was healed and freed from the destructive path she had chosen at that time. Because God remembered Ms. Young and did not allow her to self-destruct, she is reaching out to others in order to build lives and save souls. Essentially, she is reaching out to women who have been incarcerated, victims of domestic violence and women in need of employment opportunities.

Where can you find Ms. Young moving about to support women who are in similar situations as she once was?

Ms. Young is all about getting back to the basics of self destructive behavior by identifying where the behaviors take place and ministering to women in their environments. Through Felicia Young Ministries, she is going back to the drug-houses and back to her old neighborhood to talk to women who are bound and enslaved to a purposeless life.  She shares her story of victory to inspire women in need of hope and restoration while offering them a message of freedom.  It is her passion to save souls of women to teach them about the ways of God and where change is going to come from if they chose to believe and obey. Ms. Young knows what it feels like to be low and deeply rooted in mess.  More importantly, she is a witness to the healing and transforming power of God through obedience and faith.

How has Ms. Young remained steadfast and consistent with not looking back to the pleasures of the world but instead following through with Gods’ plan of action for her, which includes commissioning Ms. Young to help women in similar situations?

Prayer is essential.  It was the prayers of others, who Ms. Young has referenced as leaders that have impacted her life and held her accountable along the way. Ms. Young’s grandparents, her mother and her Pastor, Samuel H. Smith were all her leaders. In fact, the most influential leader, father, friend and example of a real man of God, is her Pastor.   Ms. Young’s Pastor continues to pray for her as God orders her steps. 

Although Felicia has a strong relationship with her biological father today, he was not a presence in her life as a young child.  Despite Felicia’s setbacks, her mother and the families’ matriarch never gave up on her or any of her children for that matter.  Her mother was always loving, prayerful and supportive regardless of her children’s decisions.                                              

What is next for Felicia Young Ministries?

On May 7 & 8th, 2010, Ms. Young has organized her first Annual Golf tournament and Gala for the first time.  This event will lend financial support to help raise funds for transitional housing for women representing multiple nations.  This is her dream.  Ms. Young intends to provide women with everything they need through transitional housing.  She will encourage women to trade in their current living conditions by offering them an elite environment in exchange for walking away from their lifestyle.   To Ms. Young, this means, taking women from where they are, providing them with what they need so they can see what is best and make better decisions in the future.   She believes women are in need of a life change - They must change the things they do, the places they go and the people they associate with in order to move forward and not look back because when they do, self destruction may be inevitable.

Ms. Young is a woman of many talents and sings to praise God while inspiring others. Her current CD is entitled Jesus He Reigns, the Commissioned to tell CD. Another goal Ms. Young has is to release her book “A Touch Down From Heaven”.   Aptly entitled, the message is twofold.  The title speaks volumes about the hand of God literally reaching down from heaven to touch her while acknowledging the career path and the success afforded to Ms. Young  and her family as a result of God choosing the NFL career path for her son.   To Ms. Young, life is all about the game.  She recognizes she could not have made it this far if it was not for prayer.  God taught her what she needed to do in order to escape her pitfall and instead how to put on the whole Armor of God to be successful.  The book will reveal vivid details of her personal journey and inspire women in need of a powerful testimony and touch.

Ms. Young recognizes that many women are raising sons alone. In fact, it has been said that a woman cannot raise a man. However, Felicia knows with God, all things are possible because HE is able.  Ms. Young also believes a child’s success should start at home. A parent has to put their life in perspective in order for a child to be on the right path.  She did not learn this until after her personal deliverance, being transformed to the ways of God and turning away from doing things her way.  As a young child, Vincent was hit by a car.  Ms. Young was at a friend’s house at that time. Once she found out what happened, she prayed and asked God to give her a second chance with her son.  Ms. Young became more involved in her daughters lives as well.

In Conclusion, Ms. Young has a powerful testimony and it has been given to her as a tool to teach, preach and help deliver Nations to Christ.  It is through Felicia Young Ministries that her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will continue to move through her as she remains commissioned to do his Will.  Ms. Young accepts the responsibility of being a leader and understands she is called and commissioned as a servant of Christ to transform lives of women.

“A leader is a person who serves people. It is not a person who just sits around. It’s the person on the bottom who serves people.  I am a care taker.  It is a gift God gave me”. ~ Felicia Young



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