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NFL QUARTERBACK’S MOM VISITS THE HOLYLAND: Felicia Young Mother to Quarterback Vince Young, Featured in documentary on the Holy Land.

October 16 - October 24 

Felicia Young Mother to Tennessee Titan’s Quarterback Vince Young travels to Israel on a 7-day trip to the holy land following the footsteps of Jesus.  Felicia takes the trip with 42 other believers including her Mom Bonnie King and close friends Cherry Anderson and Grandmother Betty Young. 


The trip starts in the Palestinian territory of Amman, Jordan.  Then follows them through Israel, and on to the holy city of Jerusalem.  Felicia Young says as she fights back tears, “The trip was amazing.”  “Everyone must visit at least once in their life.”  “This is a dream come true.”  Upon hearing about the trip, quarterback Vince Young told his mom to “take lots of pictures and show me the video.” 


Kris Patrick of Parallel Path Entertainment produced the documentary titled Israel: The Bridge Holy Land Experience.  The unique angle of the documentary captures believers as they explore the region.  The documentaries 3-fold approach includes religious, historical, and economical significance, narrated by third-generation tour guide Ami Segal.  Additionally, Pastor Gregg Patrick adds brief sermons throughout the DVD that aid in bringing to life the bibles sacred stories.  “It was wonderful having Felicia Young join us,” says producer Kris Patrick, who also edited the film.  “I call her mama Young because she’s a woman that I respect.”  “You can just see God in her eyes.”  “It was wonderful seeing her eyes get big, and her faith grow as the documentary goes along.”   


Kris Patrick is also the publisher of Path MEGAzine.  An online Christian magazine where he has made the straight to video DVD available for purchase through the website.  Visit www.pathmegazine.com or email: Kris@pathmagazine.com for details on how to purchase the documentary.  


Contact: Felicia Young  - lisalisatakemehome@yahoo.com

Contact: Kris Patrick – Kris@pathmagazine.com

Website: www.ppefilms.com


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