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In her Debut novel, join Felicia Young on the sidelines as she reviews the tapes of her past and shares how God changed her game plan.

In the first quarter, get in the huddle with Felicia as she explicitly recalls the trying times of motherhood, marriage and the bondage of addiction. She reveals how alcohol, crack, nightlife and the company she kept led her down a path of destruction.

In the second quarter observe play by play how she loses everything: her brother; family finances and hope for her future… until she received a “Touchdown From Heaven.”

During Halftime, Felicia reflects upon the first half of her life and decides to make some much needed halftime adjustments. As she kicks off the third quarter; her life is
intercepted by the Power of the Holy Spirit and she confronts her past and conforms to the ways of God. In the final minutes, now armed with the Word, Felicia runs new routes and is destined to help bring about Victory in the lives of others. In this message of hurt, healing, hope and happiness you are sure to find your place on the team! The game is not over… until you win! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer, you’ll enjoy the game.

“Touchdown From Heaven.”  Graphic Book Cover



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